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Why Book Early?

We know it can be hard to plan your vacation far in advance, but we want to help you get your reservation secured for the tour you want. Some hotels, theaters and other attractions need to know how many passengers are on our tours, and some even require admission fees as far as six months in advance. Because of the early notification required, you should consider purchasing travel insurance on multi-day tours…just in case something comes up.

Will I Enjoy a Motorcoach Tour?

Many people really can’t envision a well-planned motorcoach tour. They may think of riding endlessly in cramped conditions or being bored by a canned speech. To the contrary, we stop every two to three hours at an attraction, for a meal, or just for a break to give you a chance to stretch your legs. Our comfortable coaches have restrooms, air conditioning and music. While on board the coach you can relax and get around to that book you’ve been meaning to read or visit with the many friendly folks around you. Your professional driver or escort will point out truly interesting sights along the way, and will prepare you for your next exciting destination. One well-planned Krouse Group Travel tour will convince you that motorcoaching (link to bus tours page) with Krouse could become your favorite vacation option.

When and How Much Do I Need To Tip?

Our customers often ask what tips are included in the cost of our tours. Naturally, everyone appreciates being acknowledged for a job well done. Krouse Group Traveldoes include all necessary tips throughout the tour to people such as bellmen, doormen, and also wait staff if the itinerary indicates that the meal is included. We also include tips to step-on or local guide services that might be used throughout the tour. We do not automatically include tips for your motorcoach driver or escort, as we feel that these gratuities should be extended on an individual basis, dictated by the quality of the service provided. Normally, gratuities of $2.00 per person per day are applicable for good service. Question to Krouse: what about maid service?

How Much Should I Pack?

We need your help! Our drivers and escorts are strong, but they are finding it harder to move some or the new, larger suitcases. Please help keep our employees healthy. Due to the recent increase in luggage size and weight, we have established new guidelines:

Checked Baggage:

One bag (under 50 lbs.) per person unless otherwise noted on the itinerary. Please make sure that the overall dimensions of your bag are reasonable. Remember that over 40 passengers may be traveling with you, and everyone’s luggage must fit.

Carry-On Baggage:

One carry-on bag that must fit in the overhead compartment. Motorcoach compartment sizes often differ from those on airplanes. Please make sure that your bag is no larger than 8? high x 19? wide x 15? deep. Otherwise it may need to be stored in the main baggage compartment.